SF Deltas

In their inaugural 2017 season, SF Deltas is a rare and unique start-up: The first professional football/soccer team in San Francisco. We helped them on their way to the top of the league by designing their digital interfaces.

"Shapeshifters have really challenged the traditional norms of what a professional sports website should look like and have aided the Deltas in forming a unique brand that allows us to stand out in a crowded environment.

We have received rave reviews from our users on how clean, yet cutting edge the design of our website and mobile apps are. They have shown versatility by working on our branding and creating a bold style for us, as well as producing excellent pixel perfect mockups to make our engineers' lives simple.

Shapeshifters have been flexible working around our own internal processes and constraints, and have been active partners in suggesting improvements along the way that have made us work better as a team and ultimately create a better product for our users."

– Bryant Harrison
Director of Product Management, SF Deltas