Digital products and services

A digital design studio that works with corporations, entrepreneurs and start-ups to conceive, give birth to and execute digital products and services.

We morph into and act as your extended product design team. Together, we design and build your new products and services from scratch or upgrade/alter your existing products.

A prototype, a full blown app, a website or a service concept – as long as it has a digital element to it, we’re here to help.

Why partners choose to work with us


You are building or improving your product and need a partner to design and build it. Whether it’s from the ground up, a pivot of your business or a simple re-design, we aim to please.


You have an idea, a vision in some form, but need a team to execute it and make your dream come true. We work intensively with entrepreneurs and start-ups, so we understand your process. Don’t be a stranger.


You want to build your product fast, lean and agile, but need a partner to do it. We enter with all the design talent you can dream of, and partner with your own engineering team or connect our world class engineering partners, so look no further.

We work digitally and are thus humbled to work with clients from all corners of the world; from the visionary tech fields of Silicon Valley to the cool backdrops of Scandinavia.



For FinTech start-up HeyStocks, we gave their existing product a UX/UI update. AI driven fundamental and technical analysis is hotter than hot at the moment. Exiting product!


Enviable Invest

For California based FinTech start-up Enviable Invest, we helped design a working prototype of their new app to be. Data visualization and gamification of personal pension investments suddenly became sexy.


For a MarTech start-up we helped design a new product. Ready, feature, go! Have many channels? Need reporting? Look no further, reporting across all of your channels has never been easier.



We did a week-long design sprint together with the amazing founder-team at ByHøst. The result: A clickable prototype of their new product, a full feature set, a feature road-map and user flows to guide the design process. Nature at your fingertips!


Wine Bandit

In vino veritas. Truth be told, we love to indulge in wine. And when we were approached by a team of wine-tre-preneurs, we jumped right in the pool and helped design a universe of wine. WineBandit is coming to a town near you, sooner than your local sheriff.

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