Design is a feeling

At ShapeShifters we acknowledge that there is no perfect design and no linear way to any form of human output. Design is alive. Having principles to guide your design – and culture – is another thing. They allow you to adapt, iterate and embrace change, while keeping direction. Our principles play the same role: We shape and shift together with our colleagues, partners and clients.


If you don’t design your life, someone else will. There is no work versus life balance, but only life itself and a complete set of activities that we do. Balance those. We respect each other and help design each others lives.


Design is a journey connecting the unknown to the known. Embrace that all things change; people, processes, opinions and strategies. Stay open minded and adapt to change. Plan for adaptation. Shape and Shift.


Playing fosters positive energy and positive energy fuels constructive attitudes. Constructive attitudes conceive encouraging surroundings and suddenly the wheel spins and spins.


We are great. We fail greatly. We work with great people and businesses. Great lives and great work means a great many things – but most of all it inspires passion, courage and the willingness to do that little extra thing that makes, well, things great.