Who we are

A lovely place for quirky digital design minds.

We are a nerdy mix of Strategists, Product Designers and Creative Technologist, who turn ideas into great products and services. We conceptualize, strategize and design all things digital.

We’re named ShapeShifters for a reason: We embrace change. It is a mindset that we live by in our daily work and life. The world of design and tech is dynamic and no team, challenge, product, nor service - is static.

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Henrik Jensen

CEO & Co-founder

Kasper Bertelsen

Creative Director & Co-founder

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Fun facts and rather accurate descriptions of our founding team.


Co-founder, CEO - Born on the countryside and fostered by curiosity. Playful conceptualizer and strategist. Listens to music, travels to un-explored places and comes back with a concept and a business plan. 10+ years as a digital consultant shapes a way of thinking.


Co-founder, Creative Director – Digital born and raised by the internet. Emperor of design and creative X-man. Likes to take on the underworld in his diving suit. Marvel nerd and all-things-digital fanboy. 10+ years as a designer makes a quirky mind.